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Airline name: AnadoluJet

AnadoluJet ICAO code: AJA

AnadoluJet website: anadolujet.com

AnadoluJet is the low cost airline from the flag carrier parent company, Turkish Airlines. The airline operates mostly domestic (Turkish) flights out of Esenboğa International Airport in Ankara for the parent company, Turkish Airlines. Esenboğa International Airport is their only hub. Started on 23 April 2008, the airline began life with a small fleet of 4 Boeing 737-400 jet aircraft. By early 2014, the fleet had expanded to 9 Boeing 737-700 aircraft capable of handling 149 passengers and 18 Boeing 737-800 aircraft which can carry 189 passengers. All aircraft offer a single economy class for passengers. In early 2011, the airline made an agreement with BoraJet for an alliance to operate joint flights. The subtly distinctive livery for AnadoluJet aircraft is a low-key all white affair, with orange branding and blue and white tail design. The airline operates their miles & smiles airline miles programme for frequent flyers to take advantage of.

Is AnadoluJet considered a low cost airline?

Low Cost Airline Guide assesses airlines against a number of criteria to determine if their style of operation is in fitting with the popular expectations of a low cost carrier. Based on the findings below, we have have considered that they are a low cost airline when referred to on this website.

- Advertise themselves as a low cost airline. [Show source] Source: http://www.anadolujet.com/aj-en/help/faq/about_anadolujet.aspx - Referred to by authoritive sites as a low cost airline. [Show source] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AnadoluJet - Charge for in flight catering services in at least 1 travel class. [Show source] Source: http://www.anadolujet.com/aj-en/help/faq/about_anadolujet.aspx

Major AnadoluJet hubs

AnadoluJet operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that AnadoluJet serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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