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Air Italy

Airline name: Air Italy

Air Italy ICAO code: AEY

Air Italy website: www.airitaly.com

Air Italy was an airline which merged with Meridiana fly in July 2011. Air Italy was an airline that focused particularly on providing scheduled services aimed at tour operators (with Brazil and Kenya as its main transcontinental destinations, additionally to several of the major European destinations). It also provided a number of independent flights, most of which are within a short distance of its base. Founded in 2005, this modest airline managed to acquire a fleet of 14 crafts within only 6 years, most of which are second-hand vessels with an average age of almost 16 years. All of its airplanes were medium-large Boeing aircrafts, mostly the 737-300, as well as a few 737-400, 767-200ER and 767-300ER. Air Italy is known to have established a few subsidiaries across the world, such as Air Italy Polska, in Poland. Prior to the merger in 2011, the airline served a total of 28 destinations.

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