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Air Berlin

Airline name: Air Berlin

Air Berlin ICAO code: BER

Air Berlin website: www.airberlin.com

Air Berlin is the second largest German airline, as well as one of the largest in Europe. Its key operations hinge on intercontinental flights, aimed especially towards the popular holiday destinations across the world, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and East Asia. It's also a favoured airline for business travelling between the major European cities. Even though it's not accurately defined as a no-frills airline, Air Berlin is known for its remarkably low cost flights, encompassing over 160 destinations across 39 countries (as of 2011). This airline has headquarters in Berlin, specifically in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Airport Bureau Center. With close to 9 thousand employees, it stands proudly as a rather large commercial airline, serving well in excess of 33 million passengers each year. Its fleet is comprised of nearly 150 air vessels; slightly more than half of which are Airbus models (such as the A319-100, A320-200, A330-200), with the remaining are divided between Boeing airplanes (737-800, 737-800 and 787-8), plus ten Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 crafts.

Major Air Berlin hubs

Air Berlin operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Air Berlin serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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