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Air Baltic

Airline name: Air Baltic

Air Baltic ICAO code: BTI

Air Baltic website: airbaltic.com

Air Baltic is a Latvian run low-cost airline founded in 1993 and specialising in flights throughout the Baltic region and Europe. Air Baltic runs direct flights from the Baltic region to a wide range of European destinations, with 2011 seeing more than 3.3 million passengers. If you are not easily impressed by numbers then you will be by the fact that they operate a fully functioning air miles programme and rewards scheme which sees children as young as two years old able to earn miles.

Their online booking service can source flights, hotels and car hire with one search offering attractive discounts and a time saving booking process. Air Baltic also has a dedicated corporate membership team to cater for business travellers and help arrange those important corporate group travel events. As a Baltic travel specialist they have extensive knowledge on Baltic travel and through their longer haul flight experience and worldwide partners, can offer travel advice and flight information for just about any destination you desire.

Air Baltic has partnered with a range of operators to bring their customers over 230 destinations worldwide and as many as 23,000 hotels to choose from, not to mention low cost car hire, and all to suit different budgets and tastes.

Major Air Baltic hubs

Air Baltic operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Air Baltic serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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