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Aegean Airlines

Airline name: Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines ICAO code: AEE

Aegean Airlines website: www.aegeanairlines.gr

After 14 years of initiating its operations, Aegean Airlines has recently become the busiest air carrier in Greece, serving in excess of 7 million passengers each year (and growing). With a main base in Athens International Airport, head offices in the Athens Prefecture of Kifisia, as well as hubs across all the relevant Greek airports, Aegean Airlines is well known and appreciated by the Greek people. Its inception occurred in 1987 as a premium operation called "Aegean Aviation", which attended mostly to executive flights and air ambulance services. Within a decade, its operations expanded to worldwide commercial flights and the positioning changed to Aegean Airlines. In 2010, a merger was announced that would unite Aegean Airlines with its close rival Olympic air. This operation was halted by the European Commission early in the following year, since both airlines combined would practically hold a monopoly over the Greek air transport market. As of 2011, the Aegean Airlines fleet consisted of 31 aircrafts, with average age under four years. Most of their planes are Airbus A320-200, as well as a few Airbus A319 and A321-200.

Major Aegean Airlines hubs

Aegean Airlines operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Aegean Airlines serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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