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There are hundreds of 'low cost' or 'budget' airlines operating in Europe and around the world - but with changes in routes occurring sometimes daily it has been nearly impossible to keep up to date with who flies on what route - at least until now. Low Cost Airline Guide's team of route researches regularly monitor available routes and maintain an accurate active route database. We let you search this using a simple interface to find out which airlines provide a service on the route you want to travel.

The service we provide is completely free of charge - we don't take the bookings or charge any fee - we just refer you to the airlines official website to ensure you receive the best available prices. Try our Search By Route tool now!


The Low Cost Airline Guide website started in January, 2005.

Incorrect or Missing Information

As well as our team of airline and route researchers, we rely on our users for updates / corrections on new airlines or routes, and discontinued airlines and routes. If you would like to contact us with information please use the form below.

Important Notice:

We are not an airline, this website only provides information relating to routes and airports. We cannot help you with changes to bookings, baggage queries, pricing, etc. For this, please contact the relevant airline directly using the contact details on their website. Thanks.

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